Privacy Policies

This privacy policy of governs all the manners and activities performed on this site at the time of personal data collection. The site uses this information and personal data to give access to the site’s activities and services to all the users. Therefore, the policies apply to all the services and activities performed on this website.

Collection Of Personal Information:

The website collects the personal information of the users including users name and location. On the other hand, it collects technical non-personal information of the users including domain name, visiting sites and location of the host. So, the site can offer services according to the interest of users.

Moreover, the site uses this information to provide the sources to the users accordingly required features and services. so, the users can get all the required services available on website.

For this, users may need to provide accurate personal information such as name, email address and contact number. But the users can also visit our site without providing any personal information. However, if you want to submit personal information voluntarily then our site may collect it.

Apart from this, the site will never ask to provide personal information unless exceptions that may cause prevention to perform activities on the site.

Collection Of Non Personal Information:

Our website may collect technical or non-personal information of the users at the time of interaction with the site. This non-personal information may include the name, device name, sources of connection and technical information of the users. So, the site and other related websites can utilize this technical information for the better utilization of resources.

Usage Of Cookies:

This website uses web browser cookies to enhance the user’s experience. These cookies help to track the details and information of the users regarding visiting websites and browsed things. However, users can also refuse the usage of cookies if they want. For this, we sent appropriate notification at the time of cookie’s acceptance. But this refusal may also prevent the users to access a few specific functions of the website appropriately.

Purpose For The Collection Of Information:

We use personal and technical information of the users to improve the performance of our website. The feedback of the users helps to improve the site’s services. Moreover, we use this information to send updates and notifications about upgrading and updating of the site.

Information Authorization: website collects all the information of the users under secure practices of privacy and authorization. So, we can protect our users from unauthorized resources and content. Moreover, we avoid to disclose and distribute personal information of our users including their names, email addresses and phone numbers.

No Selling And Trading Of Personal Information:

This website doesn’t sell or trade personal information and data of users. For this, we offer complete security to personal data through generic and demographic security patterns. We don’t provide our user’s information to the other sites and businesses except for trusted and linked partners.

Cookies For Advertisements:

All the advertisements and links on our websites are sponsored by professional and trusted sites. For this purpose, we use cookies to show advertisement or links of business accordingly the interest of our users. However, we don’t send personal information for this purpose but only technical information. In this way, linked sites deliver the content and services accordingly the targeted users and their interests. However, this website is not responsible for any kind of loss due to content mentioned on the advertised sites.

Upgrading And Modification Of Information: has the power to change and modify the policies and rules of the website whenever want. But the site will provide the notifications and alert in the case of any kind of upgrading. Therefore, we always suggest our users revise policies and rules on every visit to the site.

We are upgrading site continuously to offer more protection and security to the personal information of our users. Therefore, you should be acknowledged for these modifications by agreeing our terms and conditions. Consequently, check for the updates and upgrades from time to time for complete awareness.

Terms Acceptance:

By agreeing with our terms and conditions, you are agreeing with all the policies and rules of our website. If you are not doing this then don’t use our site. The rejection of terms and conditions will prevent the users from the performing activities on the site.